👋🏽 Welcome to Hsubaru Outback. I write to think and plan to use this as a place where I occasionally share some of that thinking.

Some reasons you should subscribe:

  • You’re interested in product management stuff I wish I knew in the past, company-building anecdotes from Carta and Standard Metrics, and fintech (particularly the private markets, tax and debt)

  • We’ve worked together in the past and have asked me to publish more things publicly :)

  • You’re curious about what I’m working on next

Some reasons you shouldn’t:

I’m spending most of my time working with a co-founder on a new company. I write a lot but don’t plan on publishing at a consistent pace. My two main criteria for publishing are:

  1. It could be valuable for others to read

  2. I have a unique insight to share

You can learn more about me here: hsubaru.com

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